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Going Back to Move Forward: Returning to the Office in the COVID-19 Era

As we are all aware, we are amidst a tenuously-contained pandemic that is due to be exacerbated by the arrival of the annual cold and flu season. Still, whether it’s because we’ve flattened the curve, a vaccine is on the horizon, or COVID-fatigue has conquered all willpower, life is slowly but surely returning to normal. For businesses considering how to navigate these realities and return to the office after months of remote working, the CDC has provided this comprehensive Resuming Business Toolkit.

Among the resources included, this toolkit includes a Restart Readiness Checklist which recommends that businesses implement several policies and procedures in order to responsibly and safely return to the office. These policies and procedures cover everything from office disinfecting procedures to sick-leave policies. Our legal team is happy to assist your small business in creating and adopting such policies or to otherwise provide legal counsel to help usher your business to a healthy and prosperous future as it re-opens its doors.

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