Frequently Asked Questions

If you've never worked with a  law firm before, you probably have some questions. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.  Let us know if you have a question we haven't answered.

Is Vennum Law the Firm I Need?

The answer is.... maybe. Vennum PLLC focuses on business law, and our clients range from solopreneur startups to growing corporations. If that sounds like you, then you're on the right track. We take pride in our fierce advocacy when litigating on our clients' behalf, and our litigation experience gives us unique insight into how to reduce or minimize your company's liability going forward. We work with business owners like you to:

  • Set up business entities (e.g. "Do I need an LLC or an Inc.?" "Do I have to incorporate in Delaware?");
  • Draft vendor contracts tailored to your business's needs;
  • Protect your intellectual property and customer relationships; and
  • Give you structure to scale when it comes to bringing on independent contractors and/or employees.
  • For select clients, we also manage commercial collections, shouldering the burden of recovering on past-due accounts receivable.
In addition to representing businesses, we represent individual senior-level employees and executives in negotiating severance agreements, litigating non-competes, and resolving other related issues arising from executive transitions. For a more detailed description of what we can help you with, visit our services page.

Why Should I Choose Vennum Law?

With so many great options for business lawyers in the Charlotte area, why should I work with Vennum Law? Well, the short answer is, maybe you shouldn't, if we aren't the right firm for you. The attorney-client relationship requires a tremendous amount of trust, not to mention clear communication, mutual understanding of your business's goals, and often a significant financial investment. Our clients appreciate our candid, straightforward, practical approach to litigation and operations. They know they can rely on our help if an urgent legal matter arises at any time. Our lean and flexible firm structure allows us to pivot immediately if necessary, to meet ever-changing challenges. If that sounds like the type of law firm your company needs, give us a call or schedule a meeting. If, on the other hand, you were hoping for a firm with a more "middle aged white guys in pinstripe suits with offices uptown," type vibe, we can get you a referral and make sure you're in good hands.

Has Vennum Law Worked with a Business Like Mine?

Vennum PLLC has experience working with a wide range of clients. Historically, our clients have worked in industries like healthcare, technology, finance, education, and fashion, to name a few. We even have clients who work as social media influencers. In our experience, there has not been a business client that we have not been able to help. If, however, you have specific legal needs that we cannot serve, we will gladly refer you to a trusted attorney who can!

Can't I Just DIY the Legal Work for My Business?

Here's a secret: you don't need a lawyer for everything. Most small business owners are used to wearing all the hats and doing all the things, and up to a point, it may even work. For example, it certainly doesn't take a lawyer to set up an LLC, but having one who can do it for you saves time and possible mistakes. If you're confident and know what you're doing, you can get pretty far in business without needing a lawyer. As your business grows, however, you'll likely need to bring on employees or independent contractors -- perhaps even a partner or two. These are times when you need a lawyer. At Vennum PLLC, we will customize your experience based on your unique needs while steering you clear of common legal pitfalls. We will listen to you, and advise you on what decision will best serve your business. At the end of the day, we will empower you to make your business all that it can be.

How Do I Get Started

Give us a call at (980) 338-0111 or schedule a consultation today by booking an appointment here.

All Right, But How Much Does it Cost?

The total cost of services will vary from client to client. However, we value transparency. After your consultation, we will provide you with an estimated cost and we will do everything possible to adhere to that estimate. When possible, we offer flat fees because we want our startup and small business clients to be able to plan their budgets appropriately.

How Can I Contact Your Office?

Give us a call at (980) 338-0111 or schedule an appointment here!

How Do I Stay Updated on My Case?

Our firm will proactively keep you informed by sending you a monthly update letter. If you have questions in the interim, you can always call our office at (980) 338-0111 or email attorney Liz Vennum at

I Enjoyed Working With You! How do I Leave You a Review?

We are so happy that you enjoyed working with us! We value your opinion. You can leave us a Facebook review by visiting our Facebook page, or you can leave us a review by leaving a Google review here.

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