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You are building something great. Let's build together.

You started a business to share your passion and skills with the world. You've learned from experience and trial and error, and you're at the top of your game in your industry. Instead of trying to navigate your business' legal issues by yourself, let us help.

At Vennum Law, we meet business owners where they are and help them sail through everything from an emergency legal crisis to the foundation of a long-term business partnership. We take pride in watching your business grow. When you know your lawyer's got things handled, you can get back to what you do best.

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Our Focus Areas

Partnership Agreements

At Vennum Law, we believe that two are stronger than one. This rule applies to businesses as well as people, but without a solid foundation, any partnership can do more damage than good. As a business law firm, we are passionate about helping founders build the companies of their dreams while protecting their intellectual property and relationships through skillful use of custom-tailored partnership agreements.

Operating Agreements

Success is in the details, and an operating agreement is full of them. No business can find success without a finely-tuned operating agreement to support its company culture with a well-researched legal backbone. Understandably, many startups begin with operating agreement templates they found online, but as your business grows more successful and more sophisticated, your next step should be to contact a business lawyer. With experience drafting and litigating operating agreements, our business attorneys can help you craft an operating agreement tailored to the unique needs of your business, and resilient enough to withstand its challenges.

Business Litigation

Your company is a legal entity with rights. Does it have an advocate who can protect it and steer it around common legal troubles? At Vennum Law, our exclusive focus on business and employment law keeps us on the cutting edge of developing case law in the industry.   Our boutique firm size makes us nimble and able to mobilize and respond immediately to an urgent legal matter, regardless of when it hits.  Our solid reputation lets you know we've got your business’s back as it grows, giving you the confidence you need to succeed. Whether it’s buying another business, responding to regulatory investigations, or resolving lawsuits from employees or customers, we are your dependable, knowledgeable allies in business law. Business owners often wrestle with incredibly complex and stressful legal problems, but you don't have to handle them alone. Let us do it. We’ve been doing it for years, and we simply don’t slow down. Your business won’t need to, either.

We Are Your Allies

Business owners and founders are some of the most passionate people in the world. We know because we're a business too. Everything we do is to make life easier for founders, entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners who often put everything on the line to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Whether it’s taking care of the many everyday legal tasks necessary to keep a corporation running, or tackling complex, multidimensional issues with tremendous consequences, our corporate legal team has the experience, knowledge, and skills  to handle them on your behalf.

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